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Fancy Gap Weather Tips

Looking for good sources of information for Fancy Gap weather? Here are some tips for getting weather information for Fancy Gap and other parts of SW VA.

Southwest Virginia Weather Blog

From major snow storms to flash flooding to wind-storms such as the bizarre derecho and the occasional tornado, Southwest Virginia can present some unusual weather events. Kevin Myatt’s blog is one of the best sources of detailed weather forecasts in the area. The mountains seemingly give weather forecasters lots of headaches. Myatt considers various models and provides what he thinks is the most likely forecast. He points out differences among the models and will give detailed supporting information regarding his particular forecast. Though he is based out Roanoke, he usually includes other parts of Southwest Virginia as well. Give his blog a try for extreme weather in Fancy Gap and the surrounding areas.

Local Weather Reports

One of the best sources of information for weather in Fancy Gap and surrounding areas in particular is the Weather from Woodlawn site. The site is run by a resident in Woodlawn, which is about 10 miles as the crow flies from Fancy Gap.

Another good source of information is the Nearby Weather Station section of the Weather Underground site. This enables local folks to provide details about the weather where they live. This can be particularly helpful when looking for current conditions in Fancy Gap or other out of the way places. Keep in mind that these are not professional weathermen if you don’t see a recent report or the information seems extremely out of line from other weather reports. With that caveat, it can be helpful to get an on-the-ground report of current conditions. The weather up in the mountains can be very different from the locations where most weather forecasts originate, and it’s typically difficult to get a good idea what’s happening in remote areas. 


Kevin Myatt’s blog

Weather from Woodlawn

Weather Underground (current conditions in Fancy Gap)

Weather Underground (local weather station)

Y’all Stay Safe Out There!

This weekend’s snow storm is shaping up to be another major event. It’s looking as though snowfall totals in Fancy Gap might reach a foot, give or take a few inches. It might be a good time to hang out indoors and enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate.