A little “peace” of heaven just off the Blue Ridge Parkway

Pilot's Perch Cabins

Mayberry Station Grill and Market

Sadly it appears the Mayberry Station Grill and Market is permanently closed.

Is That Barney’s Car?

Stop at the Mayberry Station Grill and Market and have your picture taken with a genuine Mayberry police car while you wait for your food. This is a unique roadside stand, where a local serves up burgers, BBQ sandwiches and the like for other locals and travelers who happen across him. I’ve had a burger here and it was pretty good, with fresh meat and vegetables. It definitely beats the chains. The BBQ is pretty good too.

“I Try to Make Everything Good”

When I asked what was good on the menu, the owner said, “I try to make everything good. If it’s not good, I’ll take it off the menu.”

Mayberry Station Grill and Market Menu

Mayberry Station Grill’s Hi-tech Food Delivery System

Call Ahead for Reservations

Just kidding, but you may want to call ahead to see if it’s open, as the owner told me there are no set hours. Seating is limited; there’s a picnic table across the “drive-thru lane”.


If you take the Fancy Gap exit and head west, you’ll see this sign, which is where you’ll find the Mayberry Station Grill and market — and Barney’s car.

Mayberry Station Grill and Market Sign - Famous Mayberry Still Pork Chop Sandwich

Other Particulars

Location: Just west of I-77 at the Fancy Gap exit

Phone number: 276.728.0500

Hours: No set hours; when the spirit moves Johnny, the owner

Facebook Page

No credit cards accepted.

Full menu: hot dog, cheeseburger, chopped pork BBQ, hot ham and cheese, steak and cheese, pork chop, bologna, fresh cut fries, corn dog, big polish sausage, brownie, pie (water, coke and diet coke are also available)

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Grab a burger or BBQ at Mayberry Station and eat on the back deck at Pilot’s Perch Cabin overlooking the “real” Mayberry (Mt. Airy, NC) and “Mt. Pilot” (Pilot Mountain).