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Raffaldini Vineyards, a Little Piece of Italy

Raffaldini Vineyards is a great destination for those who are looking for a little piece of Italy. The Italian villa affords magnificent views of the 100 acre estate and the distant Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Raffaldini Villa and Estate


Jay Raffaldini started his vineyard in 2001 partly in an effort to provide a gathering place for his family and as a heritage for his descendants. It is quite a gathering spot, indeed.

From the beginning, Mr. Raffaldini focused on creating something that resembled an Italian vineyard and countryside.

The villa itself is a wonder and a reason to visit Raffaldini. You can sit on the patio of the villa and enjoy some world-class wine and the panoramic views.

Raffaldini’s Wine


Raffaldini invests a tremendous amount of effort and expense to produce world-class wines.

He dehydrates his grapes using the appassimento technique which, according to the Raffaldini website, “gives rise to rich, complex, and boldly structured wines “. A good portion of the grapes are lost to dehydration, but this is a sacrifice he is willing to make to produce the flavors he wants.

Raffaldini has experimented extensively over the course of the two decades he’s been in business. He has dug up and transplanted the vines 3 times over. Though the Yadkin Valley might not be the most conducive to producing world-class wines, he pushes the limits to compete with wines from Italy and the Napa Valley.

Raffaldini Vineyards makes a great road trip from Fancy Gap and Pilot’s Perch.

Other Particulars

Charcuterie snacks available
Location: 450 Groce Road, Ronda, NC 28670; about 46 minutes from Fancy Gap
Hours: Mon, Wed-Sat 11am–5pm; Sun 12pm–5pm
Facebook Page
Phone number: (336) 835-9463