A little “peace” of heaven just off the Blue Ridge Parkway

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The Blue Ridge Parkway near Fancy Gap

The Blue Ridge Parkway near Fancy Gap is one of the most scenic roadways in the country. It’s a great place for a day trip to stop and smell the roses. If you’re in Fancy Gap or the surrounds, here are some suggestions for your road trip and some rose smellin’ tips along the way.

Great Hiking

Stay in Fancy Gap for a hike at Devil’s Den Nature Preserve.

Head north from Fancy Gap to Rocky Knob Recreation Area for a short hike with long-range views. Or hike down in the gorge along a beautiful babbling brook. If you’re a more serious hiker, make it a longer loop hike into and out of Rock Castle Gorge.

Head south for a hike and some history at Doughton Park or Cumberland Knob.

Take a short divergence off the Parkway to Stone Mountain State Park, where you’ll find great hiking, a very unique rock formation, a 200′ waterfall, a beautiful creek, and a historical homestead that belonged to the folks who settled the area.

Mabry Mill

For something a little more relaxing, take some pics at Mabry Mill, which is likely the most photographed place on the Parkway. Leave early so you can indulge in the famous pancakes.


If you’re looking for a great place for an anniversary meal or other special occasion, head out from Fancy Gap to Chateau Morrisette and have some of their delicious wines.

Thistle Meadow Winery is south of Fancy Gap on the Parkway.


Head south instead to hear great music at the Blue Ridge Music Center (seasonal).

Other Sites to See

The Sidna Allen House, Puckett Cabin, Bluemont Presbyterian Church and Mayberry Trading Post are good stopping points while you’re in the area.

Parkway Mileposts Near Fancy Gap

Interested in more? We’ve complied some good stopping points for your road trip:

MilepostPoint of InterestWhat to do or see?
169Rocky Knob Recreation Area/Rock Castle Gorge
Enjoy the views up top. Hike up top with long range views and pastoral country. Hike down below along a bold flowing creek and pass through a CCC-built campground. Or hike strenuous portions of the 25 mile loop hike for a bigger challenge.

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171.5Chateau Morrisette WineryTour the winery. Eat delicious food at the rustic lodge-style restaurant with beautiful views.

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176.5Mabry MillPerhaps the most photographed place on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Beautiful, serene, historic grist mill.

180.5Mayberry Trading Post
Tour the old trading post. Rumor has it that Andy Griffith might have had ties to Mayberry, VA in addition to Mt. Airy, NC.

190Puckett CabinLearn about Orlean Puckett, a tough as nails mountain midwife who delivered 1,000 babies after tragically losing 24 of her own.
192Bluemont Presbyterian Church
The stone church built by Rev. Bob Childress, The Man Who Moved a Mountain.

199RestaurantsGrab a bite to eat in Fancy Gap. Want a recommendation? Here are our favorites.
199Devil’s Den (in Fancy Gap)
Take a short, somewhat steep hike to the cave.

213Blue Ridge Music Center
Listen to some great mountain music. Tour the museum to learn about the roots of American music.

229Stone Mountain State Park
Fish or hike. See Stone Mountain, which is a very unique rock formation. See a 200′ waterfall and tour a mid-19th century farm.

241.1Doughton ParkThere are craft demonstrations and ranger talks throughout the summer and a campground open seasonally. Hiking opportunities range from a short hike at Fodder Stack Trail to the strenuous 7.5-mile Bluff Mountain Trail. Visit the Brinegar Cabin or hike into Basin Cove to view the Caudill Family Homestead.
246Thistle Meadow Winery
Tour the winery. Taste the wine.

Map of the Parkway Near Fancy Gap